We offer:

Functional Nutrition Coaching

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Holy Fire III (r) Usui Reiki

EFT&TFT Tapping

Bio-touch healing

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Holistic Living & Functional Nutrition

Are you struggling with stress or health concerns?

Ready to shift to a more Holistic Lifestyle and live in a healthier state of being?

We specialize in Root Cause resolution by helping you to identify the underlying causes of your health challenges

By identifying triggers and learning ways to tend to the soil in which illness grows you can manage symptoms and even prevent illness

We target the “Gut-Brain” connection, helping to balance the Immune system and focus on calming the fight, flight or freeze response.

Did you know that many genetic illnesses and cancer are preventable through Diet and Lifestyle modifications?

The WHO (World health Organization) estimates that 30-50% of cancer is preventable

Many autoimmune diseases have now been linked to gut health, stress and trauma?

In order to subdue stress, reduce illness, and ensure positive movement in life, we work to help you to better understand your body and its unique and individual needs.

Applying these techniques in your everyday life will allow you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose

We work with a combination of proven systems like Functional Nutrition, EFT Tapping and Bio-touch healing to provide you with the best and most complete experience for your wellness

Working with a Certified professional, with years of experience, we help uncover limiting beliefs, energetic blockages, and necessary Lifestyle changes to help you live in a way that encourages feelings of health, happiness and wholeness.

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Paula A. reports feeling better than she has in many years after 6 months of Functional Nutrition and Mindset Coaching

Her digestion has improved, pain levels decreased from arthritis and was able to install brick raised flower beds on her own and is now able to return to work

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Erika says after her first session- “I have been looking for a practioner like this for many years, I feel so much better already”

Programs available for individuals, families and couples of all ages

Light of Your Life Wellness is proud to support local charities and businesses.

A portion of sales go to programs for lower income and charities

Certified & Insured

**This is Holistic/Complimentary care and not a replacement for medical care. Please seek a doctor for any diagnosis and prescription.

Giving you the tools to live your best life

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