Meet Coach Amy

Amy is excited to help you reach your goals, meeting you where ever you are on your journey

Amy is an Intuitive coach and has a passion for helping others find wellness & balance in their life. She has helped hundreds of people find more balance physically, mentally,  spiritually, emotionally and relationally. She looks forward to helping you tackle your challenges

Amy's Journey

Out of high school Amy went to school to be an esthetician.  She worked in spas doing Esthetics, massage, aromatherapy and reflexology for 9 years.

After a series of falls and multiple autoimmune diagnosises, Amy spent many years very ill, using a walker and in a wheelchair. Doctors thought she would need an ankle replacement to regain some mobility. Amy was on many addictive prescribed medications and self medicating with alcohol.

In 2016, Amy began to found her path to   God and Wellness. After learning to allow the body the time and environment to heal, She no longer needs many of the medications she was once prescribed, she has been away from alcohol for more than 5 years and has let go of nearly 200 lbs. Amy has regained her life and mobility, without an ankle replacement.

In the process, Amy discovered her passion helping others find themselves and learn to allow their body to heal. Beginning in 2017 she went on to study many modalities of Holistic Wellness

Amy now helps others to achieve their dreams.

Amy has been married since 2014, to her best friend, Luke. They have 2 dogs, Sirius & Dobby. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, art, writing, gardening, spending time in worship, volunteering, hiking and being near the water

Amy is excited to begin this journey with you and looks forward to sharing in your victories!

Weight loss might be a welcome benefit of coaching, but this is about so much more than weight loss.

Transform Your Mindset,

Transform Your Life

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