Are you ready to shed your fears and limitations?

At Light of Your Life Wellness,

we strive to bring you your best experience.

Each session is intentionally tuned to your needs.

This is not your cookie cutter Wellness Practice.

We incorporate multiple modalities of Holistic Healing Facilitation, with a skilled intuitive practitioner & years of experience.

Customizing each session to give you the tools to live a restored life, Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

Focusing on healthy relationships with self, others, and lifestyle

We incorporate Holistic Life coaching, Functional Nutrition, Bio-touch healing & EFT Tapping to meet your individualized needs

Certified & Insured

Phone, text, Video sessions available

Erika says after her first session

“I have been looking for a practioner like this for many years, I feel so much better already”

Bibi reports  her range of motion to be greatly improved after her first visit. She had been struggling to turn her head fully for almost 11 years. Countless doctor visits, over a decade of chiropractic had not helped. With regular sessions, She saw dramatic results with reduction of her psoriasis

Programs available for individuals,  families and couples of all ages

Light of Your Life Wellness is proud to support local charities and businesses.

I am worth it

Certified & Insured

**This is Holistic/Complimentary care and not a replacement for medical care. Please seek a doctor for any diagnosis and prescription.  

Giving you the tools to live your best life

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